Forthcoming Workshops


Sat/Sun 2/3 July 2021


A Tony Cox Online GuitarCamp

Sat/Sun 3/4 July @ 2pmUK - 3pmSA - 3pmDE

Cost £75


Having already spent many years studiously avoiding the subject, the idea of music theory sends some guitar players into a panic. Music theory and its application to the guitar need not be feared in any way and you will be bowled over at just how useful it is to even have a little knowledge of the subject.

The common approach to guitar playing is to learn some chords, maybe some fingerpicking and strumming patterns and away you go into a sea of song. Anyone can do that and if that is what you're happy with then that is just great. However there are those that would like to maybe play in a band, or collaborate with other musicians or to be able to arrange a piece of music or even play an improvised solo. For that to happen, you need to have a working understanding of music theory and how it applies to the guitar.

In my 2 x 3hr workshops I will be showing you how effective it is to have a good understanding of music theory and just how universally useful it can be. Before the workshops begin I will be sending attendees a map of notes on the fretboard that they will have to learn in order to navigate some easy-to-understand theory. Unfortunately there is no way to apply your theory to the neck of your guitar if you do not know where the notes are, so students will have a few days to get a handle on at least the first 5 frets before the workshops begin.

Space is limited to just 5 students so be sure to book your spot asap so that you can get to grips with your neck notes. You will be amazed with what you can do with that knowledge!


With a student base that spans the globe and over forty years of teaching acumen, Tony is also a multiple, award-winning recording artist who has an inimitable wealth of experience as a professional musician. This is an opportunity not to be missed by those wanting to unlock the mysteries of great guitar playing.

When: Sat/Sun 22/23 May 2021

Time: UK-13h30 - SA-14h30

Where: Private streaming (on booking you'll get a link sent to you)

Cost: R1200pp or £60



**This event is SOLD OUT!**