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The Teaching

Tony has been playing the guitar since he was nine years old. He immediately took to the instrument and began a journey that sees him today as a highly respected and acclaimed performer and recording artist. He has won three SAMA (South African Music Awards) for best instrumental album and has toured the world performing on its finest stages.

As a pioneer South African, contemporary fingerstyle acoustic guitarist and through his consistent teaching and performing, Tony has had a massive influence on up and coming guitar players, some of whom are now active on the performance circuit. Tony forged his own six-string way in the hostile environment of the South African music industry and went where no-one had gone before. Along that journey, he developed a proficiency in a multitude of genres yet created his very own distinctive style and a massive body of recorded work, much of which already labelled as South African classics.

Tony regards himself as a musician whose instrument is the guitar and that is what he brings to a student. Teaching things parrot fashion is not his style. Be prepared to plumb the depths of your guitar neck and every note it can produce. Be open to a wide variety of genres thrown at you such as folk, classics, rock, jazz, Blues, South American, African…the list actually goes on.

Tony is a fingerstyle specialist so you will learn how to create a mini-orchestra with your right hand fingers playing bass, melody and rhythm all seemingly at the same time. You will learn to improvise and you will learn the nuts and bolts of harmony and how chords are made. Understanding what you are doing is supreme.

Over and above all, what Tony is really great at…he loves to teach.