Terms & Conditions

1. Fees are calculated over a period of a schooling year and the 4 terms are paid termly or monthly. If monthly payment of the term fees is chosen you will be billed every month. There is a 6% discount on full term payments and a 5% discount for full term payment for the class of 10.

2. A once-only deposit is required, the equivalent of 1-month’s chosen fees.

3. 1-month’s notice is required to terminate lessons, the deposit is then used in lieu of the last month's fees.

4. Fees are paid on the 1st of each month via EFT. International Skype students use the PayPal system.

5. There are no refunds for missed lessons – you are paying for a time-slot which is there whether or not you attend your lesson. Where possible, a lesson can be made up at another time but only within the same week it is missed, with no exceptions. If the lesson missed is the fault of the teacher, you will be credited for the missed lesson.

6. There are no lessons between term times and public holidays.

7.Time slots are from 9 in the morning till 8 at night Mon to Fri. Masterclasses are done on weekends depending on availability and Skype times vary.

8. Please note: single try-out lessons are not available. Trial periods, if necessary, are for 1 month or 4 lessons.

9. Once you have discussed time and day with Tony, you confirm your chosen lessons by paying your fees and 1-time deposit into the bank account listed in the document that Tony will send to you.

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