Terms & Conditions

• On start up there is a deposit required, the equivalent to one month of lesson fees.
   Said deposit is returned as 4 exit lessons following a 1 month notice of the termination    of lessons.

• The lessons are structured over 4 terms in the year, embracing term breaks and public    holidays.

Full-time students are billed monthly for their term fees.

• Fees are paid in advance on the 1st of each month.

   Should you choose to terminate lessons at any time without the stipulated notice    period, all fees paid are forfeit.

There are no refunds for missed lessons
   You are paying for a time-slot which is there whether or not you attend your lesson.    Where possible, a lesson can be made up at another time but only within the same
   week it is missed. If the lesson missed is the fault of the teacher, you will be credited    for the missed lesson.

There are no lessons between term times and public holidays

   Mon-Fri: 9am - 8pm (UK)

   Tue/Wed: 2.10 to 6pm
   Sat 9.10 to 12 midday.

Classes for students further afield are held online via the Skype platform.

• Masterclasses are held on Saturday or Sunday mornings

Please note: single try-out lessons are not available, trial periods, if necessary, are for    4 consecutive lessons.

• Lesson gift vouchers can be bought for a limited period of 4 consecutive weekly lessons    over 1 month.

• Once you have discussed time and day with Tony, you confirm your chosen lessons by    paying your fees and 1-time deposit into the bank account given to you on sign up.    Kindly email the proof of the transaction once done.

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