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School of Acoustic Guitar

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you may live in a small town with no guitar teachers, or the ones that are there just do not crack the kind of guitar player you want to be? Fret not! No, in fact you’ll be doing a lot of fretting :-)~ Skype is here!

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From anywhere in this entire world!

SKYPE Guitar Lessons!

Teaching children is an art unto itself as they are easily distracted and can be horribly bored if the teacher is not on their wavelength. Tony takes children from the age of eight, making sure the lessons are full of smiles and fun. He has two daughters who both play the guitar and has a wealth of experience with children.

Starting young is a very good thing...

At what age can my child begin lessons?

Tony has an incredibly versatile understanding of a variety of different styles of music that encompass most popular forms of music today including an insight into more oblique styles. Go here for a full list of all that is available to learn.

What kind of a guitarist do you want to be?

I want to learn Jazz or Rock or Classics or...

If you have a member of your family or a friend who you know has been yearning to play the guitar, give them a great kickstart by purchasing 4 gift lessons with Tony, they will thank you forever...

Give a lasting gift of lessons to your loved one...

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R1350 - These are ad-hoc that do not require enrollment. They are lessons for those who live too far for regular face-to-face lessons and are open to any level (please note - not suitable for raw beginners and soft fingers) - Via Skype R1350

or R1365 -  $100 if from beyond South Africa

Masterclass - 1 x 3hr lesson

R4160 with 6% discount per term paid in advance - Via Skype R4160 locals or R4180 - $295 if from beyond South Africa

Pay term fees monthly at R1387pm

Term Payments- 1hr per week

R2535 with 6% discount per term paid in advance - Via Skype R2535 or R2550 - $193 if from beyond South Africa

Pay term fees monthly at R845pm

Term Payments- 30min per week

Ever wanted to be a great guitar player?
All it takes is an intention, some elbow grease and of-course a great teacher. Tony Cox is a renown, award-winning South African acoustic guitarist who has taught the guitar to a multitude of students over four decades, many of whom have in turn become professional musicians. Studying with Tony will guarantee you will be playing the guitar in next to no time...

Lesson Rates

Student Testimonials

What you have imparted to me has exceeded my wildest expectation. It was only to be able to strum a few chords at the beginning - and here I am playing Bach (what, are you serious!!!)' Rod Holmes

'Tony's mastery as a musician is clearly not limited to his playing but also to his teaching!! My son has developed a level of expertise that has astounded me and completely surpassed my expectations of the value he was going to receive as Tony's student!!' - Jenni Abrahams

'I keep meaning to tell you again how grateful we are that Dylan is having this fantastic opportunity to learn from you. He is playing so beautifully, and he is absolutely enthralled by his music...largely due to your influence on him as his teacher. You are having a huge, positive impact on my boy, helping him to access his soul. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift' – Lisa Jeannes



I'm starting up a class of 10 beginner guitar students from 1st term January 2019. The group class allows me to offer my lessons for a heavy discount so if you're dead keen on learning to play the guitar, then book your place now...there are only 10 places and they will go quickly. All classes take place in Sedgefield, Western Cape.

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Class begins 1st term January 2019

NEW! NEW! NEW! - Class of 10 beginner students 2019

R1450 -Buy 4 lessons as a gift for someone you love - Via Skype R1450 or $105 if from beyond South Africa

Buy 4 lessons as a gift

R2082 with 5% discount per term paid in advance - Pay term fees monthly at R694pm

Join a class of 10